Vendor Spotlight! Bespoke Edge, Men’s Custom Clothing

September 21, 2017

Bespoke Edge – Colorado

In the day and age we live in today, everything is at your finger tips online, including Men’s custom suits! We had the chance to meet the masterminds behind BeSpoke Edge. At Bespoke Edge, they do things a little differently. Instead of having a physical store, they come directly to your home or office anywhere on the Front Range of Colorado. Discover why grooms are building custom suits and tuxedos instead of renting.

  1. KKWE: Tell us a little about yourself and Bespoke Edge?

Ryan Wagner: Way back in 2012, Bespoke Edge was founded. It was then that my father and my brother and I realized that our collective strengths could make for one really special company. Ron, my father, counts nearly forty years of experience in menswear. And my brother, Brett, is a talented designer and digital artist. I’m probably the odd ball in the group with degrees in engineering, but I’ve come to understand that I love creating content and working with other wedding vendors on unique collaborations. Five years in and we’ve certainly come a long ways. Just this summer we were named Top of the Town Readers’ Choice by 5280 Magazine!

2. KKWE: When you’re working on a wedding or event, how do you usually interact with the other vendors? What is your experience working with wedding planners?

Ryan Wagner: As a custom clothier, our work is done long before the wedding ceremony. Typically, we will work with the bride and groom to build out a custom suit several months in advance of the wedding, so we don’t often have an opportunity to interact with other wedding vendors. However, I often support events like the occasional styled shoot or attend industry happenings. I’m probably biased coming from the engineering world, but the wedding community is filled with some very fun and inspirational people; it’s such a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem.

And regarding wedding planners specifically, I feel like I have always connected well with them because I still have some technical and very organizational personality traits! But it is also important to me to have on-going conversations with planners regarding emerging trends and styles. At BE, it’s important to us that we’re on the leading edge of design and serving as thought leaders in our men’s style niche. 

3. KKWE: How would you describe your style or aesthetic?

Ryan Wagner: Personally, I lean towards a more relaxed and Italian style in my jackets and shirting. But I tend to go a bit bold with the suit lapels. In recent years, jacket lapels have been growing a little wider in proportion and I’m not complaining! Brett tends to opt for a more youthful look with his slim lapels and short cut jackets. Finally, Ron is always on point with a modern cut suit and carefully crafted dress shirts, the kind with just the right amount of contrast detail.

For our clients, we work to help them express their own personal style, whatever that may be. Over the years, we have certainly created quite a collection of unique wedding suits and tuxedos. Regardless of the style, we ensure that each of our wedding clients will be putting on the best suit that they have ever worn. 

KKWE: Who or what inspires you and your work?

Ryan Wagner: When Bespoke Edge was founded, it was the first time that I had a working relationship with both my father and brother. Five years later, I’m happy to say that the company has brought us closer together. Every day, I’m inspired by my father’s approach to client service. There’s no limit to how far he will go to do the right thing. And by working with my brother, I’ve been exposed to the world of design and art. These two guys have shown me more than they may ever know.

KKWE: How would you describe your creative process?

Ryan Wagner: Our creative process is very much shared with the couples that hire us. For our grooms, we will almost always sit down with them and their fiancee to build out the wedding suit or tuxedo. It’s their opportunity to create a unique story behind the groom’s attire such as adding their wedding date to be monogrammed on the inside of the jacket. Aside from choosing a suitable fabric and cut, there may be accents that refer back to the wedding colors. Or, perhaps it is a fun jacket lining that is a perfect match to the groom’s personality. Regardless of where the couple’s creativity takes them, they almost always ask for their wedding date to be what we do better than anyone else is to serve as style mentors. Many of our grooms are purchasing their very first custom suit or tuxedo with us. Consequently, it is quite an honor to be the ones to introduce them to the world of custom suiting and it’s these bespoke details that really make for a special suit and turn it into something extraordinary. 


KKWE: What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Ryan Wagner: Fun question! So, each of us have a different answer to this one:
Ron: A cold beer on the back patio before a Broncos game.
Brett: Going for a trail run in the foothills outside Boulder.
Ryan: Quarterly trips to an undisclosed Colorado mountain town for a little mountain biking.

KKWE: If you weren’t in your profession, what would you want to do?

Ryan Wagner: Honestly, I don’t know. I like to joke that I’m a “recovering engineer,” but after working for myself for these past five years and meeting some really wonderful business partners and clients, from all walks of life, there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be. 🙂

If you would like more information on Bespoke, go to their website and learn more about the process.

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