Celebrating Lifetime Events

Unlike a birthday that happens every year, your wedding day happens once.

And therefore, it should be taken seriously.
(Don't get us wrong, we love planning birthdays too!)

You want to find a planning team you can trust. A team who's going to oversee and bring this once-in-a-lifetime celebration together. A team who:


Focuses on you and your guests' experience


Takes the time to actually get to know you and your style


Designs your event to be reflective of you while also being classically beautiful


Answers your questions and provides helpful information before you sign the contract


Creates various weather backup plans without sacrificing quality or design

Someone who's going to take all of this information (and more) and throw you an event of a lifetime.

putting the pieces together

Designing and planning a wedding is like a puzzle. 

You have to determine where each individual piece will go in order to create the big picture. If one piece, or one minor task, gets misplaced or overlooked... Well, it's no mystery how things can easily fall apart.

It's our job to put the pieces of your wedding together — to translate what you envision into a tangible and beautiful outcome.

So no matter what the weather is day-of. The number of emails or phone calls we need to help you feel in-the-know. Or whatever information you may need in order to feel comfortable before signing on the dotted line...

We're here to put it all together.

As a wedding florist, I've worked with hundreds of event planners and wedding professionals over the years, and it is very clear that Kelly and her team care deeply about what they do. Kelly is excellent at translating her clients' visions to vendors to bring it all together. She is detail oriented but also very good at keeping the larger picture and overall guest experience in mind.

client love

— Casey, Florist

We Establish A Connection

Starting your vendor search is kind of like going on a first date. 

You've been looking at their profile and website, seeing and reading things you like, hoping when you finally meet in person (or in this case, talk to them on the phone) you get butterflies.

We want to be the planners who actually make you feel excited to start planning your wedding. Planners who make you feel like you're not only planning with a trusted partner — but a friend.

And it's our goal to make you not only feel heard, but understood. We take detailed notes and repeat back the key elements to show you that we actively listen. Instead of being order takers, we give you our honest feedback while honoring your preferences. We take the lead, or follow yours, based on how involved you want to be. And we always match the level of energy — whether calm or energetic — that you may need.


Like finally finding the love of your life, we want to be the place where you finally let out a big sigh of relief.

She put me at ease, always making me feel heard and understood. No matter how busy she was, I always felt like the top priority. Most importantly she made the process FUN!

client love

― Mary Claire, Bride

Yes, we genuinely want to know. Then we sort through your Pinterest boards — organizing them by category and turning them into an overall event style guide. And we provide up to (3) inspirational presentations including various ideas on color palette, decor and details so you can have the final word.

Our philosophy is to always follow through and to let no detail — from timeline preparation and execution to decor and design — fall through the cracks.

Where do you shop? What do you like to wear? What's your favorite color?

We Leave No Detail To Chance

At KKWE, we have a particular eye for detail when it comes to designing and planning weddings. 

We see the big picture while also understanding the importance of the small and personal items that make each celebration personal and different: the torn edge cotton menu cards, the ceiling installation, the additional tent for culinary prep, or the various weather backup plans.


We take the time to understand your vision by walking you through our design questionnaire and asking questions like:

The most challenging thing about planning a wedding are all the details in between. The logistics and coordination that happens behind the scene that are so critical to a seamless day. That's what Kelly and her team do best.

client love

— Casey, Florist

We Create A Realistic Budget

Weddings in resort towns like Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Telluride, and Steamboat are expensive.

But we're here to let you in on a little secret: Contrary to popular belief, a full service wedding planner can actually save you some money, along with time and energy.

From there, we put together a projected budget that's respectful and cognizant of what's important to you. Then we take the next steps of finding a venue, followed by other key vendors.

Throughout the months leading up to your wedding, we base every decision on guest count and budget. And our team will consistently monitor and manage the budget to ensure there are no costly mistakes or last minute surprises along the way.


We start by determining your guest count and how much you want to spend on your occasion.

She has an incredible ability to understand a couple's vision and help to bring that fruition, all while being cognizant of budget. She is incredibly well respected around the Colorado area, and surrounds herself with beyond talented vendors. Everyone we worked with (photographer, florist, venue etc.), were recommended by Kelly and far exceeded our expectations.

client love

— Ellie, Bride

Small weddings are perfect for the couple that craves a heightened sense of intimacy and personalization. Whose desire it is to have one-on-one time to connect with their family and friends.

If you dream of an intimate celebration, check out our sister brand — Little Valley Weddings.

We Plan For Fickle Weather

Colorado is somewhat known for seeing all four seasons in a day. Which may be keeping you up at night.

Instead of losing sleep and dreading what will happen if the weather doesn't cooperate, you can rest easy knowing we've already mapped out a backup plan (or several, based on the venue.) And not just a backup plan that we secretly hope doesn't have to be enforced. But one you like just as much as plan A.

We review each plan in detail at least 6 times. So no matter what, you can relax knowing that your day is going to be seamless and beautiful.


I call [Brittany] my fairy godmother because she truly was magic during those few months. Making everything appear effortless and always figuring out a way to make my wishes come true.

client love

― Mary Claire, Bride