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Not to mention the strict discipline for establishing and following a step-by-step process I learned from my days working in medical sales.

So, shortly after moving from Boston to Vail in 2001, I took my natural keen sense of organization and critical thinking mind, combined them with my learned talents, and created Kelly Karli Weddings and Events.
16-years later, nothing beats the affirmation of seeing and hearing from my clients how happy they and their guests' are on their wedding day.

It came easy to me, thanks to my eye for style, my experience in fashion merchandising, and the valuable relationship and listening skills I learned from my degree in occupational therapy. 

After planning my own wedding, resuming my daily routine pre-wedding, I found that I was missing joy. But where I found it again was helping my friends plan their wedding and events.

Yes, I'm that cliche story of a bride turned wedding planner.

Hi! I'm kelly!

Owner • executive producer

― Jennifer, Bride

On the day of the wedding, I was able to completely relax and enjoy every moment, confident that Kelly and her team would take care of everything. There were no last minute scrambles, no confusion, and no detail left to chance.

client love

Between one and three (based on your wedding's complexity and size) of our vetted and experienced Associate Producers will be on-site to assist in managing your wedding.

We ensure your event will be in the absolute best hands.

Professional Associate Producers

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