Looking for a tent for your wedding? Tips to consider for an outdoor celebration…

April 13, 2023

Planning a wedding with a tent can be a unique and exciting experience. Here are some key things to remember when planning a wedding with a tent:

  1. Tent Type and Size: There are various types and sizes of tents available, including sail cloth tents, frame tents, and clear span tents. Consider the type of tent that suits your vision and needs, as well as the size that will comfortably accommodate your guests, dining tables, dance floor, and any additional features such as a bar or lounge area.
  2. Location and Site Preparation: There are many locations in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado you can choose from to do a tent build out. Choosing a suitable location for your tent that has enough space and is level and well-drained. Eaton Ranch located in Edwards, CO , McCabe Ranch located in Snowmass, CO, Chapperrel Ranch just outside of Aspen, CO are just a few to name. Consider factors such as access for vendors, parking, and proximity to facilities such as restrooms and power sources. Also, ensure that the site is properly prepared, which may involve clearing debris, leveling the ground, if the ground is not level will a floor need to be installed and anchoring the tent securely to the ground.
  3. Weather Considerations: Tents are exposed to the elements, so plan for various weather conditions. Consider renting sidewalls or clear tent panels to protect against wind, rain, or cold temperatures. You may also need to plan for cooling or heating options depending on the season and climate of your wedding location.
  4. Permits and Regulations: Check with your local counties to determine if you need any permits or need to comply with any regulations for setting up a tent for your wedding. This may include fire codes, building codes, or noise ordinances. Make sure to obtain all necessary permits and adhere to local regulations to avoid any issues on your wedding day.
  5. Lighting and Power: Tents may require additional lighting and power sources. Consider hiring a professional lighting and electrical company to ensure that your tent is properly lit and powered, and that it meets safety standards. Plan for lighting both inside and outside the tent, including pathways, parking areas, and other areas where guests may gather.
  6. Decor and Design: Tents provide a blank canvas for your wedding decor and design. Consider the style and theme of your wedding, and work with a professional tent decorator or wedding planner to create the desired ambiance. You can customize the tent with drapes, lighting, flowers, and other decor elements to match your vision.
  7. Vendor Coordination: Tents require coordination with various vendors, including caterers, florists, DJs, and others. Make sure to communicate the tent setup and requirements with your vendors well in advance to ensure smooth logistics and avoid any last-minute surprises.
  8. Guest Comfort: Consider the comfort of your guests when planning a wedding with a tent. Ensure that there are adequate seating, tables, and amenities such as restrooms and handwashing stations. You may also need to plan for climate control, such as fans or heaters, to keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.
  9. Backup Plan: While tents provide cover from the elements, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather conditions. Consider having an indoor backup venue option or a contingency plan in case of rain, extreme heat, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  10. Budget Considerations: Tent weddings can vary significantly in cost depending on the type of tent, size, location, and additional features. Be mindful of your budget and factor in all the costs associated with tent rentals, decor, lighting, power, permits, and any other related expenses.

Planning a wedding with a tent requires careful consideration of logistics, weather, design, and vendor coordination. Kelly Karli Weddings & Events are experts and we advise hiring an experienced planner to help you. Be thorough in your planning, work with experienced vendors, and have a backup plan in place to ensure a successful and memorable tent wedding. Happy planning!

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