Things to Remember When Planning a Colorado Outdoor Wedding

July 29, 2019

Colorado outdoor wedding in a tent

Hosting a Colorado outdoor wedding is a perfect way for you to include the unparalleled beauty of Colorado on your magical day.  Although outdoor ceremonies add a picturesque scene to simple venue spaces, things might not always go according to plan.

However, proper planning and execution can be an amazing experience for all who witness this special occasion. When planning an outdoor wedding in Colorado, there are a number of things that couples should be mindful of.  Here are a few tips to remember:

Plan around the time of year

It is important to consider the time of year before planning an outdoor wedding. For example, hosting a wedding in the mountains of Colorado in the late spring would be a perfect idea. The weather serves as a winter wonderland under Colorado’s most beautiful snow tops. Opting for a time when the weather is more stable will increase the likelihood of having ideal conditions.

Another key component to think about when setting up a date is the time of day. Lighting, weather conditions, and the availability of vendors can vary based on what time of day the wedding is set for. Enjoying nuptials under a cool, shaded tent is ideal for evenings in the summer while mornings in the fall could use heated stations.

Have a backup plan

No matter what precautions are taken, there is a slight chance that the weather can take a last-second turn. Look for a location that offers backup plans, whether that is an indoor venue or just enough room to set up tents.

Colorado outdoor wedding in a tent

Secondary options are a vital thing to have in case things turn sour. Although backups are less likely to be used, they are still an important factor in the planning process.

Think about location

Remember to pick a suitable location for your outdoor ceremony.  Venues serve as another primary element when it comes to wedding preparations. Even though long joyrides can be fun on a leisurely basis, try to choose somewhere that is centrally located where most of your guests are able to stay if needed.

You could also provide a few ideas to keep wedding guests entertained for the car ride, just in case the perfect location is an hour or more away from their home. Offering road trip games or podcast ideas will help get visitors excited and ready for the festivities ahead.

When considering possible locations for your wedding, it is important to reach out to possible vendors and ensure that they are willing to travel to the location. If you cannot find a vendor to commute, book with local wedding vendors who are familiar with the area, or lean on your Colorado wedding planner to recommend vendors who will make the trip.

Consider a reception dress

No matter how much effort is put into avoiding the natural elements, things could still get dirty. To preserve the wedding dress for the long term, try opting for a separate dress after the ceremony.

Changing up the look will wow the crowd and keep the wedding dress in pristine condition for any future needs. A reception dress is also significantly more comfortable and enjoyable to wear while celebrating the rest of the wedding festivities.

Set up beforehand

It is not uncommon that most couples want to add a few personal touches to their venue. But there is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into an outdoor wedding.

Setting up could take hours or potentially days. Time is solely dependent on what decorations need to be put in place. It helps to have the equipment and any extra embellishments arranged before the big day to save a ton of time, energy and stress on the day of the event.

Get some extra help

Putting together a dream Colorado outdoor wedding takes more help than some people may think because there are several details that must be taken into account. Outdoor weddings are a magical thing when they come together, but sometimes a little outside help is the best course of action in order to alleviate stress leading up to the big day.

Hiring a local wedding planner like Kelly Karli Weddings + Events can help ease the minds of everyone involved and will help to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Although outdoor weddings can take some extra effort, they are totally worth it once it is all said and done.

Photo Credit: Rachel Havel

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