Brit Tip #1: The First 2 Decisions You Need to Make for Your Big Day

February 17, 2020

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You just got engaged AND decided on full service wedding planning. What’s your next step?  

Figuring out how many guests you would like to attend your special day and how much you have to spend on the occasion! 

Decision #1: Find out GUEST COUNT Your guest count and budget are a driving factor in every decision that goes into planning your big day from stationery, venue, florals, decor and more. We suggest figuring out who will be contributing to the overall cost of the wedding and then getting with those involved to start the guest list process. We have found that those contributing to the wedding tend to want to have a say in adding guests to the list. Some may not, but at least by doing this exercise, you have an understanding up front and there are no surprises down the line.

  1. Decision #2: Figure out OVERALL BUDGET Your guest count is the number one factor when it comes to determining a budget. In our market, you can expect to spend between $850-$2,000 per guest with full service planning and design. Let’s say the number in your head to spend on your wedding is $100,000. A $100,000 for 100 people will go a lot further than $100,000 for 250 people so figuring out this number will play a big part in determining your overall budget. The vision of your day will also play a part in what this figure looks like but it that price per person that will help guide you in finding a budget you are comfortable with.

Final tip: Utilize your planner to assist with this process and walk through each of the items that are important to you for your big day to ensure you agree upon a number that you are comfortable with and that is realistic with your vision.

XOXO Brittany Richards

“Brit Tips” is based on Brittany Richards’ professional experiences in her years of experience as a Wedding and Events Planner.

More on Brittany:

Brittany began her successful career, 10 years ago in the hotel industry, with a Luxury Collection property in the Vail Valley. During her tenure and most recently as the Director of Catering and Conference Services, Brittany oversaw the events department while producing and executing elegant weddings, events and corporate retreats for VIP clients. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating luxurious experiences, no idea is too extravagant! Brittany’s ability to connect and listen to her clients in combination with her calm and positive demeanor allows her to create unforgettable memories. Her experience brings a level of professionalism and exceptional service that is the hallmark of Kelly Karli Weddings and Events. 

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