10 Ways to Make Your Post-poned Wedding Date Special

March 31, 2020

The past two weeks, we have been fearful, reluctant, and quite frankly we’ve stuck our heads in the sand waiting for the high tide to pass. We watched wedding dates be postponed. We watched our industry scramble, then stumble, but as always find their footing and embrace the unknown. The past two weeks have been hard on everyone, each with their own unique struggles. But here we are today… implementing a new COVID-19 policy, taking steps with our 2020 couples, and looking toward 2021 with hope.⁣⁣

Love is the single most powerful force in the world. Love stops for no one and nothing. We are booking 2021 weddings. In fact, we encourage 2021 couples to contact their dream planner and vendors now because of COVID-19 affecting so many this year, pushing dates into next year. If your date was pushed back, you can still make your original day special. Your original wedding date doesn’t have to be forgotten.

Here are some ideas to make your original wedding date feel special:

  1. Dinner party with your wedding party, hire a private chef to make some of the items that you have tasted {if you already had your tasting}
  2. If you have a dinner party, ask your planner if you can have them rent your special linens for your table
  3. Dinner for two with private in-home chef
  4. Order your floral centerpieces of your color palette and types of flowers that you would have used for your actual day.
  5. Ask your local baker, to make a small wedding cake that inspired you and got you excited
  6. Write special notes to your guests that celebrate with you
  7. Write each other a special note and read it to each other
  8. Pick an alternate “first dance” song and dance in your living room/backyard
  9. Reenact your first date as a couple 
  10. Start a scrapbook or DIY project as a couple 

Get creative! We are living in a unique time that has the potential to draw you closer as a couple. Your wedding day will be well worth the wait!

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