Vendor Spotlight: Kathryn Matthews, Rocky Mountain Raclette

January 30, 2020

Vendor Spotlight is BACK! We’d like to kick off this series with Kathryn Matthews, owner of Rocky Mountain Raclette!

Rocky Mountain Raclette provides fully catered, gourmet Raclette dinners in private residences in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Diners grill fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables on granite topped Raclette grills at their dining table, while Swiss Raclette cheese is melted below, then scraped onto potatoes and artisan bread. The melted Raclette cheese and potatoes is then combined with the fresh beef tenderloin, elk, seafood, and vegetables, and served with a variety of dipping sauces to create your own flavor combinations. A charcuterie board is included to begin the experience, and a homemade baked dessert completes the meal.

Raclette is a Swiss dish, meant for sharing ingredients and stories while relaxing around the dining table. Rocky Mountain Raclette is not only about the delicious cuisine and fully catered dining experience, but also the social aspect of spending time together with friends and family.

  1. When did you start your business and what motivated you to do so?

Rocky Mountain Raclette was started in winter 2015.  I was introduced to Raclette by my French friend had a Raclette grill at her house.  It was such a fun dinner, so I thought I will make this meal easy for people to do with the equipment, prep, and clean-up!  A fully catered private dining experience.  

  1. What would you consider your greatest professional achievement in the past year?

My greatest achievement this past year was getting asked to have a booth at Aspen Food & Wine Classic this past summer, one of the most prestigious food and wine events in the county.  It was always on my bucket list to even attend, much less have a booth!

  1. What separates you from your competition? What can you offer that no one else can?

The Raclette dinner is extremely unique and interactive with grilling at the table. Our service is top notch and we have a great eye for attention to detail!  We decorate for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc. , bring all linens, set the table beautifully, and make everything spotless at the end.  The Raclette dinner is a full experience that is extremely memorable. The melted Raclette cheese off the wheel at parties is a real crowd pleaser as well!

When you’re working on a wedding or event, how do you usually interact with the other vendors? What is your experience working with wedding planners?

I have direct experience working with wedding and event planners.  I have done weddings and corporate events for Beaver Creek Resort Co, Highline, Vail Resorts, Pepsi, Roundup River Ranch, Bachelor Gulch Club, Arrabelle Club, Vail and Beaver Creek Oktoberfest, Aspen Food and Wine, Beaver Creek Culinary Weekend, Kendall Jackson, Vail Health, and Inspirato.  I coordinated a Raclette horseback sunset proposal on Beaver Creek Mountain with a planner this summer. I am a very organized planner and like to execute parties flawlessly.

How would you describe your style or aesthetic?

White linens with colorful food. I love pretty acrylic labels and signs to make the stations beautiful with elevation of the food.  For Raclette booths, I love the Swiss theme. Cow bells, red gingham, alpine everything…

What or who inspires you in life and in your work?

Catering/events are in my blood.  I grew up working for my Dad who owns a party and event rental business so I would wash catering dishes for weddings and corporate events.  My mom was a great cook and entertainer, and I grew up in the kitchen cooking with her. I’ve always been intrigued by delicious food and love throwing fun parties to entertain people as an adult.    Catering was a natural fit for me, and Raclette is a fun and unique dinner that I knew would stand out. 

How would you describe your creative process?

I just think… “What is fun? What do people want?  What makes this unique and memorable?” I always try to think outside the box on how to grow the business with new ideas and concepts… like the summer horseback picnics!  I love birthdays, so I want people to feel special with special décor at their birthday dinner.

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

I love taking baths!  Spending time to myself helps me recharge, however I really enjoy my time spent with my girlfriends over some wine and cheese.  Date night with my husband Buck. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, barre classes, and traveling.  

If you weren’t a caterer what would you want to do?

I would love to have a travel/food show!  A female version of Anthony Bourdain (God bless him). Traveling and experiencing other cultures is really important to me, and I love food…so combining those would be a dream. 

To contact Kathryn at Rocky Mountain Raclette:

Phone Number: 970.343.9299

Email Address:

Instagram: @rockymountainraclette 


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