March 25, 2015

Real Wedding | Anna and Eric, Saddleridge, Beaver Creek, CO

A bride looks out a window. Her hair is up in a low bun, and she wears an off the shoulder dress. Kelly Karli Weddings & Events logo overlays the image.

What is not to love about winter weddings, especially here in Beaver Creek, CO!  Taylor, Lead Planner and Creative Director of KKWE orchestrated this amazing and beautiful wedding on 12/13/14.  Anna had a very specific vision and knew exactly what she wanted for her special day.  Anna and Eric loved dealing pianos and incorporated that into their reception, what a huge hit that was.  We are always excited when our brides and grooms like to think outside of the box.  Anna and Eric, we were honored to be apart of this magical day!

Creative Team:

Planner:  Kelly Karli Weddings and Events

Photography:  Megan W

Florist: Cori Cook

Cake:  Cornerstone Chocolates

We are thrilled that this wedding was posted on Real Weddings on

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Eric_Anna_0722Eric_Anna_0727Eric_Anna_0786 Eric_Anna_0793 Eric_Anna_0798 Eric_Anna_0883Eric_Anna_0888

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